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Multi Purpose Brush May 14, 2010

Groomed Dog

We all know that brushing is important because, it massages the skin stimulating capillaries to promotes natural oil production for a healthy skin & coat. I don’t know about your hounds but mine have sensitive skin. So trying to brush them with a regular metal brush or plastic bristle brush was not happening. Tried it & failed it. It was hard to find one they tolerated let alone loved.  When you brush you are also brushing off dirt and foul smelling dander so they last clean longer, so it was very   important for me to brush them (especialy with a Husky). However I did find the Kong Zoom Groom Brush. Now,  it’s no Furminator but for those of you who don’t have long haired dogs or if your between your dogs shedding season it is an excellent brush. It picks up the extra hair from your dog or your furniture & keeps it contained to the brush till you peel it off the brush. Bath time is also a cinch. Hold the easy grip brush with the teeth facing up, then pour the shampoo on to the brush itself, the teeth & outer rim will hold everything in. Start scrubbing your dog with the brush, you’ll notice it’s easier. Why? Because with it’s nifty rubber teeth the soap is going through the fur easier  & to the  skin faster than your fingers could. Working a rich lather all over your pup. Also, because the brush is rubber & semi-flexible you can brush or scrub the face & paws/legs. You wouldn’t believe how much they actually shed from the face till you’ve tried it. I love this product. It comes in three colors  blue, red & purple. It can be found in the major pet stores such as PetSmart & Petco. Happy brushing!

Zoom Groom Rigtside Up

Zoom Groom Upside Down