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Giraffes, Bunnies & Bears Oh My! June 12, 2010

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Hey hounds & gals check out these colorful rope toys by MySassyDog they are a wonderful treat. With a variety of shapes, sizes & colors. They also make for great teething/summer fun. MySassyDog Rope Toys are hand-crafted, 100% natural cotton, machine washable, natural dyes used – safe for chewing, cleans & flosses dog’s teeth. Now lets talk variety.

  • Shapes: Squirrels, bunnies, bears, giraffes, polar bears, dogs, bones, donuts, jacks, pretzels, crossbones, lolly pops.
  • Sizes: 5.5″ – 12″
  • Colors: Combo colors of pink, blue, red, brown, yellow, green, brown & orange.

Prices may range from $9.00 – $18.00 depending on the size & shape you choose. You can find these cute toys at www.mysassydog.com. Here are some great ideas from MySassyDog for the rope toys your considering.

For teething pups: Immerse in water & place in freezer to soothe teeth & gums.

For Summer Fun: Immerse in one part fruit juice (please use safe natural juices with minimum sugar) & part water placing toy in freezer for a great summer pupsicle. *Do NOT use GRAPE juice. Try instead something SAFE such as carrot, cranberry, ect.*