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Welcome April 24, 2010

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Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you find valuable & interesting information. I’d like to start off by introducing my self. My name is Ginna, I work at a firm(nuff said) & I LOVE dogs. I live with my B.F. Jay & our two dogs Skyler (Siberian Husky) & Patch (Lab Mix). On occasion I’m also the local dog sitter among our friends. Our most infamous crib crasher is Oreo, my mothers shitzu, you learn to love him. Since this is our beginning I’m using the pups puppy pics. I’ soo happy to get started & share these doggy items I’ve found. Please don’t shy away from commenting or reviewing anything I ¬†or other people have posted, so long as we keep it respectful. I can’t wait to hear from you.