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Molly Mutt April 26, 2010

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Well readers now your urban hound may rest easy with Molly Mutt. You just couldn’t ask for more, lets review:

  • Easy to find? Online, how easy is that.
  • Sized right? Small 22″ x 27″ x 5″, Medium 27″ x 36″ x 5″, & Large 45″ x 36″ x 5″. I measured my 50lbs-56lbs pups and they fit a medium.
  • Priced well? Small $20.00, Medium $32.00, & Large $45.oo, (taxes & shipping not included). That is a very fair price.
  • Fashionable? Totally, I mean really would I be bragging if they didn’t match the curtains?

To top it off they’re Eco-Friendly. They work as doggie duvets so you stuff them with whatever you’d like; old clothes, old pillow stuffing, old boyfriends, ect. ect.. You say you want more? Hmm….of course there is! They’re totally washable! Sure you can stuff it & re-stuff it or you can get a stuff sack at the same time & place you get your doggie duvets. Now a stuff sack is basically a netted laundry bag thats already sized for the size duvet you choose. They are a little less than half the price of the beds, but its optional. Interested? Just head on over to www.mollymutt.com. I hope this solves the Bed Bugs for your urban hounds, I know it solved mine. I’ll be ordering mine (next pay day) so you’ll definitely see my pups testing it out for you next month.


Bed Bugs April 24, 2010

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One of my Irks (things that bug me) is that Medium & Large dogs have bed trouble. The Large beds are usually few & far between; wrongly sized, expensive as heck, & ugly as sin. In most stores the Mediums are usually in reality the smallest version of the AKC’s Mid. size dog & Large are usually largest version of the AKC’s Mid. size dog. My Husky & Lab Mix weigh about 50lbs.-56lbs. & I have to get the Large-XLarge beds. Have theses people that make their money off our dogs no sense?! Do they not do their research?! They average from $50.00 (which is not bad) to $200.00 (which is not great if you’re on a budget, which most of us are) after taxes. To top it off they always come in a farmer plaid, or bland colors such as hunter/olive green. WTH (what the heck)?! Not to knock the country look but olive green doesn’t go with every decor. So at the end of the day you’ve driven to 2-3 different stores or went thru 2-3 different catalogs because the last store’s Medium beds were not by any means Medium. Just to settle with a beige bed because they were out of navy & our “favorite” hunter/olive green.Because there is noooo way that plaid was going to go with your orange curtains. Now I know some of the men & even some women say would say who cares? However I don’t know about you but my dog & I have just as much personality as the Chihuahua next door with his cute bed. So yes I would like my dog beds to look good, its sitting in my HOME therefore it’s an extension of me. Hence I & some others care.