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Multi Purpose Brush May 14, 2010

Groomed Dog

We all know that brushing is important because, it massages the skin stimulating capillaries to promotes natural oil production for a healthy skin & coat. I don’t know about your hounds but mine have sensitive skin. So trying to brush them with a regular metal brush or plastic bristle brush was not happening. Tried it & failed it. It was hard to find one they tolerated let alone loved.  When you brush you are also brushing off dirt and foul smelling dander so they last clean longer, so it was very   important for me to brush them (especialy with a Husky). However I did find the Kong Zoom Groom Brush. Now,  it’s no Furminator but for those of you who don’t have long haired dogs or if your between your dogs shedding season it is an excellent brush. It picks up the extra hair from your dog or your furniture & keeps it contained to the brush till you peel it off the brush. Bath time is also a cinch. Hold the easy grip brush with the teeth facing up, then pour the shampoo on to the brush itself, the teeth & outer rim will hold everything in. Start scrubbing your dog with the brush, you’ll notice it’s easier. Why? Because with it’s nifty rubber teeth the soap is going through the fur easier  & to the  skin faster than your fingers could. Working a rich lather all over your pup. Also, because the brush is rubber & semi-flexible you can brush or scrub the face & paws/legs. You wouldn’t believe how much they actually shed from the face till you’ve tried it. I love this product. It comes in three colors  blue, red & purple. It can be found in the major pet stores such as PetSmart & Petco. Happy brushing!

Zoom Groom Rigtside Up

Zoom Groom Upside Down

What No Rubber Ducky? May 5, 2010

Allergies is a big issue for a lot of dog owner these day. One of the most common being skin allergies, which sucks because it could be any little thing. From fleas, food, grass, & yes even to the cat. unfortunately to treat this it’s a lot of trial and error. You can change the food, give him steroids, & so on. I myself had to battle some really bad allergies with my hounds & one of their biggest salvations was changing the shampoo & conditioner. We switched to a natural shampoo & conditioner from CloudStar, not only did it relieve their itching, it also left the soft, smelling & staying clean for days. It’s all natural so it’s very good for their skin & the environment. Best of all it doesn’t have that overpowering smell of cologne or leaves a powdery residue on your dog like when you pick them up from some groomers. What really helped was their cream for hotspots called Buddy Booboo it was discontinued for lack of sales, however if you google it, there are still some online boutiques that have it & of course Amazon has it. Believe me it’s well worth it, even though the tea tree oil smells really strong. So if you you find some Buddy Booboo stock up for all of us ( it’s awesome stuff, my bf uses it for mosquito bites). Not many people know of these CloudStar products. Currently www.petco.com is the only pet store chain that carries it & very sparingly. But you can definitely find it on their website www.cloudstar.com. The CloudStar website also offers a where to find tab. The Buddy Wash (shampoos), Buddy Rinse (conditioner) & Buddy Splash (perfume) comes in 3 light fresh scents: Original Lavender & Mint, Refreshing Rosemary & Mint, or Relaxing Green Tea & Bergamot. A breakdown of the ingredients of each scent is on there website. CloudStar’s grooming products are:

  • pH-balanced to be gentle on your dog’s sensitive skin
  • Free of potentially harmful SLS and ALS
  • Safe for use on puppies
  • Soap free – can be used in conjunction with topical flea treatments
  • Choose from 19 fl. oz., or 1 gallon size bottles.
  • Made in USA
  • Recyclable packaging

Well how much is this allergen reliever/deterrent going to cost me? Price depends on the size of the bottles, what you get & where you go. For Example on CloudStar’s website a standard 19fl. oz. bottle of shampoo or conditioner is $10.45 & the perfume is $4.95 for a 4fl. oz. bottle. I’ve bought one of each bottles and received free shipping in the past. Petco has the bottles for $8.97 (shampoo & conditioner) & the perfume for $5.97 online. Although you don’t get all the scents & price may very in your local Petco. However Petco does have it in a combo pack online along with FrontlinePlus, Brush & towels! Just type cloudstar in the search box, prices vary on Frontline dosage. Even www.drugstore.com has the shampoo & conditioner bottle for $7.49 a piece, but if you buy 2 you get $2.00 off. Again just type cloudstar in the search box. You’ll find different deals at different places. Honestly, what more could you ask for? I’ve been using this product for about a year & a half, my friends & I love it! *Please keep in mind if your pup has allergies it is best to go to the vet, as I said this is only one of the great things that helped my dogs. I do not think it would’ve been completely under control if it weren’t for the combination of patience, a good vet, these grooming tools, and a wonderful diet.*