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Bed Bugs April 24, 2010

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One of my Irks (things that bug me) is that Medium & Large dogs have bed trouble. The Large beds are usually few & far between; wrongly sized, expensive as heck, & ugly as sin. In most stores the Mediums are usually in reality the smallest version of the AKC’s Mid. size dog & Large are usually largest version of the AKC’s Mid. size dog. My Husky & Lab Mix weigh about 50lbs.-56lbs. & I have to get the Large-XLarge beds. Have theses people that make their money off our dogs no sense?! Do they not do their research?! They average from $50.00 (which is not bad) to $200.00 (which is not great if you’re on a budget, which most of us are) after taxes. To top it off they always come in a farmer plaid, or bland colors such as hunter/olive green. WTH (what the heck)?! Not to knock the country look but olive green doesn’t go with every decor. So at the end of the day you’ve driven to 2-3 different stores or went thru 2-3 different catalogs because the last store’s Medium beds were not by any means Medium. Just to settle with a beige bed because they were out of navy & our “favorite” hunter/olive green.Because there is noooo way that plaid was going to go with your orange curtains. Now I know some of the men & even some women say would say who cares? However I don’t know about you but my dog & I have just as much personality as the Chihuahua next door with his cute bed. So yes I would like my dog beds to look good, its sitting in my HOME therefore it’s an extension of me. Hence I & some others care.


2 Responses to “Bed Bugs”

  1. tina Says:

    This is the best blog ever!! Can’t wait for more to come :):)

    • UrbanHound Says:

      Thnx soo much Tina if you ever need to read your comments just click the Comment at the bottum of the discussion to make sure it got posted. love ya cant wait to see you sat.

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